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May 27th: Children’s Day Celebration in Nigeria.

by Owhofasa Precious

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Children's day.

Today is Children’s day, a special day set aside to celebrate all children across the Federation.

Children’s day is celebrated with school March pass, several cultural display, and various children parties, across the Local, State and Federal levels respectively.

In some cases, primary and secondary school children compete in military parades format for a prize which will be given at the end of the competition.

Several parents celebrate their children by taking them to various relaxation spots, and special occasions, cook for them special dishes and as well buy them gifts.

Children in Hospitals, Orphanages, are also given some belongings and gift items, as they are being visited by some Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), who buys them gifts.

Religious and Ethnic bodies in Nigeria also celebrate children’s day in grand style.

Several private and public organizations usually organises children’s party for both the privileged and less privileged children respectively, in other to celebrate them.

Also, on the children’s day, Media houses, bodies and organizations analyzes the condition at which children are being subjected to in the society and also the efforts both government and non government agencies put together to assure a better living for the children.

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