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Want to read and pass an Exam? Here is what you should know.

by Owhofasa Precious

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Over the time, alot of persons find it hard to read and pass exams, others faces difficulties understanding what they read, and in most cases, find it more hard to remember what they’ve read, which keeps them wondering if they actually have short term memories.

Well, in other to read and pass an exam, here is an important fact you should realize, while a lot of persons are blessed naturally with photographic memories, some are not.

However, there are certain methods we could possibly adopt, in order to help us read and pass an exam, and to further help our brains gather and retain information for a longer period of time. One of such methods, is to initiate the act of “skimming the reading material”, instead of reading it carefully.

Skimming is one very important method we must be engaged in when reading and preparing for an examination, by skimming we can get an overall feel of whatever the article/book talks about. We can also take notes of major Headlines/Topics, notable vocabularies, and as well ask ourselves what we desire to learn and achieve from the book or article we intend reading, so we could actually pay a closer attention to it, when reading it for a second time.

It may also be profitable to read out aloud for some people, while for others, it’s totally distractive. It’s definitely beneficial to take notes (note making). Underlining important words phrases, and taking notes in margins, or even in a separate notebook is also helpful.

After reading each page or section of the reading material, summarize everything you’ve just read, using your own words. By summarizing in our own words, we link new information to what know already, which also helps in remembering information for a longer period of time.

Also write down the meaning of each notable vocabularies you came across during your course of reading.

Finally, it is also helpful if you could find someone to discuss what you’ve just read with, while it is still fresh in your mind.

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