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The Billionaire’s Wife

by Amora Daniels

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Chapter 1


Billionaire's wife


“Okiemute’s POV”

ARRRRRRH! I can’t believe my wedding is only a week away. Hi I’m Okiemute violet Efedue, I’m 24 years old. I’m from Delta State, ughelli north to be precise and I also live there(Warri). I studied Business administration in UNIABJ after that, I served in Lagos. I don’t have a job currently but I’m looking though.

I’m the third girl and the third born of the Efedue family. I have two eldest sister named EJIRO and Onome who are happily married with kids. I also have a younger brother Jeremiah also known as Jerry (the baby of the house and also the trouble maker😂).


I’m getting married to this cute Edo guy in a week’s time; Gabriel Osas. The youngest multi millionaire in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. He has many companies too. Boy! Is he stinking rich. He’s been my crush for a long time. The only person I’ve ever loved. But he only took me as a family friend. My family has been friends with his for a decade not until this fight happened between both families that made us to split up for ten solid tears.


Three years earlier, Gabe’s dad (Mr Mike Osas) decided to make peace with us after understanding that the cuz of the fight was a huge set up. Dad for sure agreed. And with that they agreed for Gabe and I to get married. (Arranged marriage in the 21st century? Whatever! I like it like that😋….) I was so happy when I heard I was getting married to Gabe but my problem is does he feel the same way I feel for him?


The sun shone on my face(Kai. Why e be say morning dey come fast these days sef.. Before person turn nyash for bed morning don knack…nawa shaa)


I lazily got up from bed and went to the bathroom to brush up and wash my face(forget that early morning baff ooh…I cannot be stressing myself ooh😂)


When I was done, I went down stairs. I saw my dad already dressed in his usual and simple wear; kaftan reading newspaper (that’s what he does every blessed morning… Reading newspaper instead of just watching the news directly from TV.. He claims TV news is diluted😂😂) my dad is dark handsome man in his late 50’s with a tall height. I’m his female version. He’s also a strict man but when one really gets to know him he’s a nice man. He runs one of the best filling stations here in warri.


Daddy Miguo(greetings)


Daddy: Ehen Okie… Vredoh.. How are you?


I’m good daddy.


Dad: this one you woke up late. Hmmm…is that how you’ll be doing in your husband’s house.


Ahh…palle you know sister Onome came yesterday with her kids na..so I was tired after the long day


Dad: issokay princess. Your mother is in the kitchen.


Ok daddy(I dashed to the kitchen), I saw mom cooking with my stubborn brother Jerry. (My mom is a dark and beautiful woman who has an average height… A nice and funny woman who runs one of the best boutique here in warri).


Hey mommy Miguo(I went towards her hugging her from behind).


Mum: pumpkin!(she turned around) Vredo my dear.. How are you my bride to be (she smiled cupping my cheeks).


I’m good(I blushed).


Jerry: OSI keh (You say what) in your mind na you’re getting married Shey.


Jerry don’t start with me this morning ooh.


Mom: is that how to greet jerry?


Morning (he mumbled).


Anu Boko (bush meat).


Ehen Malle… What’s cooking that’s disturbing my nostrils.


Mom: rice ooh…your father said he was craving for fried rice so I had to cook it.


I opened the pot taking in the aroma.


“Chap! Malle the best cook…mommy on fleek baby” (I cheered at her. Seriously when it comes to food my mom gets A1).


She blushed “Kai Okie don’t flatter me”.


Jerry: I also helped in cooking it ooh.


Jealousy… Gerrout.


Mom: ooh Okie! I’ll so miss you (she hugged me) I can’t believe you’re getting married.


I’ll miss you too.


Jerry: sister me too! I want to join the hug na.


Come here big head….


We all had a big family hug (I swear I’ll really miss ’em).







God! What have I fucking done naw..chap! I mean I could have stood for my right when dad said I should get married to Violet. Reconciliation with the Efedue’s family is okay but me getting married to violet? No no Noo



Come on dad please!


Dad: EFOSA! My word is final


no na daddy Violet of all people! Come on I’ve got a reputation dad. How do you expect me to get married to a fat and ugly troll daddy ahn!


Dad: that was thirteen years ago. It’s long you saw her ooh! And you’re saying she is ugly…why don’t you meet her first before you start judging…


Dad! I don’t want to see her! And I don’t want to know her for Christ’s sakes.


Dad: this is the last time I’ll talk about this with you!


But dad,


Dad: no buts EFOSA.. You’re getting married to Violet and that’s final…am I clear?




*end of flash back*





God what am I gonna do now… Jezz help me…




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