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F*ck him

by Weeny

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  • F*ck Him – Room 234 Sex

We sat. I sipped my white wine admiring my new manicure. He sipped his Gin and Tonic. He looked at me.

” Good to see you.” He said.

” Good to see you as well. ” I replied.

” Firstly, I need to apologise. ” He said

” For what ? ” I asked.

” For coming on to you last month, I shouldn’t have. ” He said.

” Oh I didn’t mind really. ” In replied. I thought” I have spent a lot of money for this date (Is it a date.) It better worth it.

” Look to be honest, you are a beautiful girl, beautiful young girl. F*ck I have a daughter a year older than you. I got cold feet. ” He said

Fuck him

” What you wanted to, you know…have sex ” I said quietly.

” Yes. ” He replied.

” What stopped you ? ” I asked.

” Your age, been away, having an affair etc.

” He said. ” You leaving your number. I thought about ringing you for three weeks. ” He replied.

” What made you call me, why did you call me. ? ”

” Because your a lovely girl, when I helped you with your tire, meeting you next time here in the bar. I mean I want to have sex with you but… ”

” My age, been away having an affair. ” I said.

” Well yes. ” He replied.

We finished our drinks and talked more, we ended up in his room. The same Room 234.

We sat on the couch together  talking and drinking. I wanted to get undressed, I wanted to get naked.

“You want to have sex ? ” He asked.

” Yes. ” I said.

He leant in kissing me. Our lips meeting. his hand on my knee. We french kissed. He sat back.

” You have a nice legs. ” He said  ” Can I give you a foot rub.

” Yes ” I said.

” Sit on the bed. ” He said. I got up sitting on the bed. He stood pouring hot water into a container. He brought over flannel and some oil.

He pulled a chair opposite me lifting my leg by my ankle. He took off my high heel. Usually a guy would try to have a perve up your skirt. His eyes kept eye contact with me and my feet. He poured some oil on my foot and started massaging me. In between my newly pedicure toes. My soles, my ankles, my calfs. It was so nice. So attentive. He spent five minutes on my right foot, then same process with my left.

He then washed them with warm water leaning down at the same time lifting them kissing my toes, the top of my foot, so softly. He kissed my ankle. Holding my legs together under my calf muscles kissing me.

” Lie back. ” He said

I lay down on my back on his bed he sat at the  end on his chair massaging the tops of my lower legs to the knees with oil. It was so nice. So sensual. My pussy on fire with pleasure even though he was no where near it. He kissed up the top of my lower legs.

After twenty minutes he lays next to me on the bed leaning over me. We kissed. He pushed the hair back off my face.

I undid his tie taking it off.

” Take your dress off. : He said.

Finally. I thought. I stood up he stood behind me pushing my hair to the side kissing my neck. His hands on the zip slowly pulling it down to my hips. He pushed forward. I pulled it down dropping it to my feet stepping out of it. I looked down at my breasts pushed up. He turned me around to face him.

” Wow ” He said. ” Lie down on your front. ”

I lay on the bed. In my bra and skimpy g-string. He knelt on the bed next to me pouring oil on his hands and massaging my shoulder and back down to my bra strap.

I groaned, his strong hands massaging me gripping my shoulder and biceps. It was nice. He unclipped my bra. He pushed the straps to the bed.

I was slowly getting naked. I was so horny, my pussy so wet and moist. I needed sex now. I need his cock in me now. He was been so sensual so nice as he massaged to my knicker line. Leaning in kissing lightly down my spine. I was super turned on as he continued massaging my back.

Up and down my sides from my knickers to my shoulder. Running the tips of his finger nails down my back.

He then stood undressing. I looked to the side to see him naked. His big cock semi hard.

” Wow ” I said as he knelt back on the bed opening my legs kneeling between them.

He leant over me kissing down my spine again to my knickers. He then kissed over my bare buttocks. Putting the palms of his hands on them his thumbs inside my arse cheeks he spread them revealing more of my g-string inside my cheeks.

He kissed over my g-string between my cheeks over my anus then over my arse cheek again.

He then moved back. I knew my wet pussy was visible through my underwear. He massaged down the backs of my legs. My thighs, inside my thighs his fingers gazing my pussy over my knickers. He kissed down my right thigh on the top over my knee down my calf lifting my ankle raising my foot to his mouth kissing the sole of my foot to my toes, kissing my toes. He did that to each leg. Spending time kissing and massaging. He then straddled me moving my hair to the side kissing my cheek, my ear, my neck. He returned to my ear.

” Roll over. ” He whispered.

At last, F*ck you know I just wanted sex. He wanted to make love slowly and passionately. It was nice as he removed my bra. My tits visible. He dropped my bra to the floor and straddled me again kissing my lips.

My god I thought. I’m 18 been sensually aroused by 51 yr old man kissing down my neck to my chest over to my breast to my nipple lightly circling his tongue around it. One hand been lifted cupping my other one squeezing it as he kissed and sucked my other nipple and breast. My DDs out been pleasured.

H e kissed down my stomach to my knickers. He opened my legs kneeling between them he massaged down my thighs pouring more oil on me massaging it into my skin. His big hands kneading my muscles. He kissed up and down my legs from my feet to my knickers each leg.

Kneeling between my open legs. Only my g-string on, he straddled me kissing my lips. He kiss down my neck down between my breasts to my stomach in a circle. I then realised it was a heart pattern. Hr reached for the top of my g-string kissing the red bow. Slowly he pulled it down, kissing my skin that was been revealed. He was getting close to my clit.

I groaned in anticipation as it exposed the top of my pussy. His lips meeting my clitoral hood. Down further my clit. His lips meeting my clit. I lifted my arse as my G-string been peeled out of my arse crack. My g-string leaving my vagina down my thighs, my wet waxed pussy visible.

My 18 yr old pussy visible to a man old enough to be my father, 33 Years older than me. My g-string been pulled down my legs off my feet I am naked. He is dropping it to the floor. Looking up my naked body, my open legs. He’s admiring my pussy, my breasts, He kneels. His cock hard soon to be in my young pussy fucking me.

He leans in kissing the inside of my thighs lifting my knees opening my legs more kissing around my outer labias. Circling my fanny with his kisses. He lightly circling it. His hand up to my breast fondling it my nipples hard as rock. His tongue lightly licking up and down my pussy. Now each pass been pushed into me. His tongue now deep in my pussy licking me, sucking me.

I groaned holding his hand on my breast, our fingers interlocking, I arch my back awaiting his cock. I long for his cock in me mow thrusting and fucking my wet moist pussy. My juices been licked up by his tongue.

He kisses up my body over to my breasts. His tongue circling my nipples, Our lips meeting.

” F*ck me. ” I say.

” How bad do you want it ? “He whispers

” So f*ckin bad. ” I say.

It happens. His knob traces down my pussy from my clit to my vagina opening. I push my pussy against his big circumcised knob as he pushes he enters my wet hole. He cock sliding in me, deep into my wet aching love tunnel. He kisses my lips as he hold inside m. I groan as his cock throbs inside me. With long slow thrusts he thrusts me in and out fondling my breast kissing my neck, my hands on his back lifting myself up to him arching my back. Tilting my head and using it to support my back thrusting me kissing my neck.

I groan loudly. I have never been made love to like this before, A man who knows how to treat a woman sexually.

I feel his cock in me thrusting me, moving inside me. His hard cock, his thick knob filling my young pussy with his manly flesh pushing and thrusting deep in me.

I want his cum in me filling my pussy. I want to wipe his cum over my pussy.

He kisses up to my chin, my lips still f*ckin me.

” Cum in me. ” I say.

He speeds up my legs wide open. He fondles my breast kissing down sucking them holding my back pulling me into him.  He is so strong holding me. Supporting me, fucking me, eating me at the same time. I’m like a doll been thrown around, under his control.

He speeds up, he groans, thrusting me harder. I groan harder. More pleasure his cock in me. Its big its stretching my fanny like its never been stretched by a cock before. He slaps against me. He groans and tenses.

He slows down groaning. I orgasm loudly seconds later he cums. His cock shooting cum deep inside my young pussy. Our eyed lock like lovers. We stare into each others eyes as his cock fill me. As my orgasm settles down.

” F*ck yes. ” I say.

” That was so good. ” He said.

” I have never been f*cked like that. ” I say.

He lay over me his cock still hard acting like a plug in my pussy.

We kiss. He fondles. We roll together onto his back. I straddled him and lie on him kissing him. He fondles my dandling breasts. His cock softens I slid forward as his cum drips from my pussy to his waist. He pushes my hair lovingly behind my ear. We look at each other and both smile.



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