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F*ck him

by Weeny

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  • F*ck Him – Room 234 Sex

I lie on his chest. He rubs my back. My breasts pressing against him. His cum still oozing from my pussy

I know tomorrow he goes home to his wife and family. I get to have one night  with him. Thoughts race through my head. It feels so nice but it is so wrong. I’m 18 having with a 51 yr old man having an affair. Never been someones other lover. I kind of like it. I feel I’m falling in love with him. I can’t. Its just sex. One night every month. Just sex. I close my eyes. We lie there not talking. Just enjoying each others company naked in bed covered in each other love juices.


He breaks the silence. I looks at the clock 10;45. It been 23 minutes since he exploded inside filling me with cum. I still feel the odd trickle run out of me. I get up and we shower together. We wash each other down. I love it another man wash my naked body after sex. Washing his cum from my pussy. After washing we hug and kiss in  the shower.

We get out and dry. Naked we get into bed pulling the covers up over us. I lie at his side my leg up over his thigh my breast pushed into his side. His arm under my head he looks at me I look up to him my hand rubbing his chest hair.

” Thanks. ” I say.

” For what. ” He replied.

” Great sex. ” I say.

” Do you have a boyfriend ? ” He asked.

” No not really. More a guy I have sex with. ”

” Friend with benefits. ” He says.

” Yes, he just want to rip my clothes off and put his dick in me quick as possible. You were so nice, so sensual. ”

” Yeh, you know. You are the first woman I have had sex with apart from my wife. ”

” Really ? ” I say.

” So is this just a one off or do get to see you once a month ? ” I ask.

” Well if you want to see me again, how can I say no. Room 234 can be our love nest when I am in town. Would you like that ? ”

” Oh yes please. ” I say. We kiss and fall asleep in each other arms. He reaches over turning out the light. Asleep in my lovers arms.

I think I have fallen in love with a older man.

Next morning.

We woke at 8 am. He lay behind me his arm around my waist. His other arm straight under my head. My back been held against him. I looked back kissing him like two honeymooners waking on our first morning together.

I rolled onto my back, he fondled me and kissed me.

” Morning beautiful. ” He said running the top of his fingers down my cheek.

” Good morning. ” I said feeling his hard cock with my hand. We lay kissing his hands running over my body, my breasts, my pussy, my his. I rolled onto him kissing down his body to his cock. His erection lay on his body. I licked from his balls up his shaft to his knob circling my tongue around it. I grabbed his balls fondling them licking up and down his cock. I lifted his knob with my mouth as I slid my mouth down his shaft listening to him groan as I slide my mouth up and down his cock, supporting it with my mouth.

He groaned watching me. I grabbed his rock hard shaft stroking it as I sucked. Licking and Playing with it.

I then moved up his body straddling him. He reached for my breasts cupping them as I rubbed his cock against my clit and pussy. I slid down his shaft feeling him enter me again. This time me in control as I rode his cock, my palms on his chest, arms straight, my eyes closed enjoying the pleasure of his erection.

He thrust up as I pushed down his cock. I opened my eyes, we gazed into each others eyes as we made love like a couple. But we are lovers.

He held my elbows gripping me as we made love in unison. I felt orgasm coming on, I closed my eyes and rode faster, he  thrusted harder. Both of us groaning.

I orgasmed, he cum again almost together, again filling my wet pussy with his juices.

I sat there, his cum running from my pussy. We kissed we smiled. I looked down at my 51 year old lover. A married man that lived two hours from me.

I would not see him for another month.

He looked  at me and smiled.

” What / ” I said.

” Nice birthday shag. ” He said.

” Its your birthday ? ” I said.

” Yes, I turned 52 about 3 am. ” He said.

” Oh god. : I said ” Really ? ”

” Yes dear. ”

” Happy birthday to you. ” I said sitting back his cock slipping out of my pussy. A flood of cum oozing from me.

We got up and showered together. We walked back naked into the bedroom.

” I have something for you. ” He said before I check out.

” Yes. ” I said.

He handed me a bag. ” I thought if you were going to spend the night with me, I didn’t want you leaving this morning in that evening wear. People thinking you’ve been picked by a older man, or that your a hooker I have paid for, so I brought you some casual clothes to wear.

” Oh how thoughtful, I did wonder about what people would think this morning. ” I replied pulling out the clothes.

” Now you about the same size as my daughter, except for your breasts, your a size bigger than hers. I checked her clothes sizes when she was out, so I hope they fit. ” He said.

He started dressing. I slid my G String up my legs. I pulled out the jeans and stepped into them/ He watched as they were pulled up legs over my arse. I zipped them up and did the button up, checking them in the mirror slapping my arse.

” Perfect fit. ” I said. I picked up my bra and put it on. I pulled out a fitted round neck black short sleeve top. I put it on it fitted perfect.

” They fit. ”

” Yes perfect. ” I said hugging him kissing him. Fuck he felt like my husband or partner. Well as far as I was concerned he was when we were together.

I put on my heel and picked up my dress. I put it in the bag doing my make up. He packed. It was 5 minutes till check out time.

We hugged for few minutes. I gave him my address as he said he wanted to send me something for next time.

We left and I met him an hour later at a local cafe for breakfast.

Ar 1 o’clock he left for home. I would not see him for a month




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